Goodbye LearnerBlogs

By accident (because I wanted to show some EIT Lecturers student work from TIS and got a suspended message when I tried to access I discovered that all learnerblogs need to be moved over to edublogs.  Many, many thanks to the “super-speedy-to-reply-Sue-Waters” for sending me the export xml file of our learnerblog – so I have been able to upload all our previous Room18tis learnerblog work onto our exisiting edublog with the same room18tis name.

It’s really handy to still have access to work done with students even when they’re no longer blogging at this address.

Attention Room18 – Need Read

My friend Mrs Tolisano, from Jacksonville, USA (remember I stayed with her Mum in Buenos Aires?) has written a fabulous post just for you guys!

It’s a simple and very clever guide to commenting on Blogs – this will help us with our literacy goal for next term to read and comment on more blogs during the week.

I’d like you to think about whether we can add to this guide.  Add your thoughts below in the comments.

I’ve copied her guide over to here (I hope she doesn’t mind) and I’m following the first rule by acknowledging Mrs Tolisano as the author.  That’s a very important thing to do.

Here is a short and simple guide for my elementary age school students.

  • Acknowledge the author of the blog post.
  • Let the author know if you agree with him/her and why.
  • It is also ok to disagree with something, just let the author know why you feel that way.
  • One word comments are not very useful. Writing just “cool” or “nice” are not very helpful and don’t let the author of the blog post really know what you are thinking.
  • Always make sure you follow “netiquette”. Think if it is appropriate BEFORE you hit the submit button.
  • Always be polite . It does not matter if you agree or disagree with what you are reading in a blog. Don’t write anything you would be ashamed of saying to someone’s face. Don’t hurt somebody’s feelings.

Hot, Hot Bangkok

Well Room 18, it’s the final city in Ms H’s travel journey, Bangkok , Thailand.

Yesterday we walked around (well Ms H did, I just rode around in her bag!) the Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew. Then we took a river boat to tour the waterways of Bangkok. This is the home of Central Thais, river people who build their homes, livelihoods and capitals along the waterways. We crossed to the other side of the river to visit the temple Wat Pho. It was very hot and sticky.
Grand Palace

Today we went for an amazing breakfast at a very flash hotel (that was part of an American Hotel Chain). You can only just imagine the smorgasboard of different food available. From bagels, buns and toast, to cereals, to bacon & eggs, to fruit & yoghurt to traditional thai food and soups. Incredible! (Ms H forgot to take a picture she was too overwhelmed by all the food!!)

Ms H couldn’t resist making me pose with Ronald McDonald, just to show you all, there was McDonalds everywhere we went!!

Finally, you can’t visit Bangkok without having your photo taken with an elephant!

See you all in a few days time – Can’t wait!

Eating Out in Bangkok

Today Ms H was very adventurous again and tried some more food that she’d never tried before. I wasn’t very hungry so I agreed to pose with the food for today’s challenge.

Ms H wan’t you to guess what culture last night’s tea belong to? (A clue: it’s not Thai)


Next you need to guess what culture tonight’s food comes from and there’s an extra prize if you correctly guess what its called.


Then there was dessert. No need to have you guess what that was. Yum yum!


Abi’s Holiday Fun!

What I did in the holidays …. Well the first week was pretty boring all we did was hung about at home but I had a lot of sleepovers. They were fun. But finally on Sunday morning we packed up and at about lunch time we left for Lake Tarawera in Rotorua.

It took us about three hours to get there! But luckilly in Toupo we stopped and had Subway. Yummmm. Then it took us one more hour to finally arrive in Rotorua.

When we arrived at our friend’s batch by the Beach we un packed all our stuff and then went for a walk in the rain right by the beach.

Day Two…

It was very sunny. First we all got ready into our swimming gear and then we went out in the boat. We drove in the boat all the way over to Humphries bay and then I water skied right over to Hot Water Beach and we went over round the corner and there was a huge clift along with a hotpool. W.e stopped by and I jumped off the clift! Heaps of times!

Day Three…

It was pouring with rain and so we all went into town and I got new ug boots and whent we went to the warehouse I saw these two goths and they freaked me out! Guees what they both bought some BLACK shoes! We got home and I read a whole book and then me my brother and my Dad all went fishing in the dark!

The next day it was again really sunny so we all drove over to Humphries bay again. Then again I water skied over to Hot Water beach. Then I jumped off the clift heaps of times and after that we all drove over to a little hot stream and we warmed up in that! Ahhhhhhhhhhh. So that’s it really the next day was raining again and we went home.

From Abi

Hello Ms H! =]

Supppp Ms H Its Simone + Laura. It Is 1:03 Pm.How Are Yhoo? We’re Gd =] Did You Get Us Any Thing Lolz(Laugh Out Loudz)Just Kidding.Soooo Hws Life???Where Are Yhoo Nw.Hope Yhoo R Havin Fun In Where Ever Yhoo Are.We Are Turnin Emo Lolz JJ Were Not Teehee. Or Are We??

Simone + Laura

Its Now 1:13

Carters Australian Adventure

Cater is counting down the days & sleeps till his Australian Adventure with Annie!!!
He has swaped his school uniform for his board shorts, His suitcase is packed & ready to go,
he has his Passport,Ticket & Sunhat.
He might also visit the Sydeny Opera House,The Sydeny Harbour Bridge & go for a ride on a Ferry.
Better go & finish packing now.

Carters Diary

Today i’m going to Sydeny, Australia with Annie!!

Today I went to watch Annies cousin play A.F.L he scored his first goal in A.F.L.

Today we did lots of driving today ( i worked the G.P.S.).
Today there was a Thunder Storm i was really scared!!

Today I went to the movies with Annie we saw ‘Horton Hears A Who’.

Today I went to Koala Park I patted lot of animals like :Koalas
Wombats & Kangaroos & i could feed them to !!

Today I went on the river cat to port McQarrie we went to a restront called
‘City Extra’ i had fish & chips

Today i’m going on a long drive again but this time it’s to Forster were
Annies Grandparents live.

Today I went fishing & I caught 2 or 3 fish

Today I went fishing again & i caught 2 fish.

Today I had Brunch with Annies Family .
Today we went fishing again & i got very wet from the rain.

Today it was wet & very COLD

Today I went shopping & i got new Sunglasses for Annie!!

Today I went tenpin bowling & Annie lost all the games.

Today we didn’t do anything because it was wet & warm

Today I went out with Annie, her Aunty,her uncle & her two boy cousins.

Today Annies Aunty is going home .
This Morning i Went to the beach to see if it was warm enough to go for a swim & it was !!
in the Afternoon we went to the beach for about three hours & played!!

today we are leaving Forster to go back to Sydeny .In Forster it was a Cloudy Hot day

today i went to help Annie choose an Ipod & lot of other goodies

Today we are packing our bags Because we are going home

today I,m going home i went on a plane with no T.Vs apart from 1 T.V between 12 people


hey ms h

hey ms H this is holly and And Amber we hope you r having lots of fun. we tried to send u a different post but it didnt work.So….. what did you buy us? no JJ (just jokes) right now when we are writing this it is 10:55 am here and if you are in rome it is 11:10pm and if you r in Bangkok it is 5:00 but we are not sure if it is am or pm we all miss u dearlyand we carnt wait till you come back and tell us all of your stories well we have to go the bell is about to ring see u soon.

lots of love holly&Amber

The Great Escape!!!

Its the Mission Concert and Micheal, Chris, Mascell, Sam, carl(neighbor) and I had a great idea of selling car parks to people. $10 a car. Sweet we have had one costumer and another and another. We made $50 dollars that meant we had five cars in our front yard we had alot of room which was help full. We’re making MEGA dollars out of this. We were quite lucky to get so many people. Afterwards we put some dark clothes for some sneeky busienss and sneeking into the Mission Concert it was fun As we went around the the blocked off road. we climbed up the hill we started walking along the forbidden road aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!! Suddenly a mass of guards were closing in the distance they were wearing brite lite yellow jackets and dark long over alls. Run! Micheal Mascel carl and I Sprinted down the hill and in to the vine’s. Sam and chris ran over the other side of the hill. As we wachted the guards we thougth did they see us we had seen one of the guards look over at our postion.Oh no ……………..We where trying to stay very very quiet we moved slowly in the shadows of the vines as we reached a far distance of the hill we sprinted. As we where running we soar one of the guards move oh no as he was running down the hill he was shouting out at us and running and getting the guards to help him. We got to the path we had lost the guards. We walk up bluff hill lots of people were hiding in the hills grass and we could see peoples cellphone lights in the grass we went up the hilland found that nothing was there so we went back down. Micheal was thinking about going back and seeing the people back at the car park. So Carl, Mascell and me went back up the up the hill and finaly soar the contcere! Then we asked some people if we could go thur there proptiy so we got we were on the hill. We were on the side of hill now some guards we walking along the path with thousands of people walkingalong the contcere had just finish. Guards were staring at us when we were up on the hill. When the guards weren’t looking we jumped over the fence wwe pretended to be in the crowd. We scavengered around looking for valubles people may have left behind. Some people were so drunk they were rolling down the hill and hit some people. We started walking out the exit and that was our night so we went back home and played some more X box over and out.